As the saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is’ but there is just one problem with that; what if the heart does not know where the home is!?

Everything from low crime rates to a good education system and local shopping outlets is things that need to be considered when choosing the location of your next home. There are, quite obviously, many different variables that go into determining the best location for your family.

To help you make this important decision, we have decided to write an article outlining some of the most important things to consider when looking into the location of your next home.

1. Taxes
Did you know that there are some states, namely Delaware, New Hampshire, Alaska, Montana, and Oregon, that do not collect sales tax for retail sales? This slack in the tax-program allows lots of businesses to flock to these small and underpopulated states. This same states, along with Florida, Texas, Tenessee and Wyoming and a few others do not collect anything regarding individual income taxes!

2. Affordability
Living comfortably without breaking the bank should be your number one priority if it already is not, no matter what your pay grade is. The umbrella term of ‘affordability’ does not just include the price of the house or the area that you live in. It also takes into account the prices for materials, consumer goods, groceries, gas, and other things alike.

3. Employment Opportunities
If you are relocating your family and property because you are in the military, or because your job has asked this of you, you can skip to the next tip! However, if this is not you, then continue reading.

Obviously, you will not need to worry about this if you are only moving within your city or town, or even the next town over. If you are dramatically relocating, however, you will need to take into account what kind of employment opportunities there are around you! Is there another building or business from the same corporation that you can request to be transferred?

If you have a Ph.D., don’t move into a random town in Arkansas; it is as simple as that. Be smart with what you’re doing, and make sure it is what you want!

4. Statistics And Crime Rates
Nobody who is not already in a mental asylum wants to move into a crime-ridden area. However, that does not mean that you can in a perfect society where crime does not exist! By looking into the crime rates in your surrounding neighborhoods and providences, you can determine whether not it is safe to move there.

You can also look into what kind of the offenses there are as well; obviously, it is not a very good idea to go into a community where there are multiple break-ins every month.

5. Distance Between Family And Friends
This is a tough one, and one that proves to be a deal breaker for a lot of people considering moving. If your family and friends are critical to you, then you should not plan on moving very far away. Otherwise, you will live your life always feeling torn, and you will end up spending all of your vacation time simply trying to see your family!

All in all, there are a lot of different factors that go into the difficult decision of where to move when it’s time to pack your bags. We hope that this list has helped you somewhat in making that process easier!